Our Leadership

Building on a Legacy

Reimagining spaces and places since 1985.

Commitment to innovation + sustainability to the built environment.

Inspired by clients, we embrace their vision. Their mission fuels our passion.

"One of the impacts about design is it's constant evolution. There's always an innovation to consider with each project."

- Cedric Craig, Principal | Founder

Why did you choose to become an architect?
For the blend between art and engineering.

What technology will most affect architecture in the future?
Augmented reality allowing us to view designs three dimensionally.

What’s your go-to libation?
Venti latte – the perfect destresser.

What advice do you have for someone considering architecture as a profession?
Study all aspects – creative and technical.  See buildings that inspire you.

What do you like hearing from clients?
This project has exceeded our expectations.

If you weren’t in this profession what might you be doing?
I’d be a sculptor.

"The element of surprise is what excites me about architecture."

- Galen Grant, Principal