Cooks Collision - Walnut Creek, CA

Cooks Collision

LocationWalnut Creek, CA

Client: Rick Woods, Don Woods

Size: 13,000 sf

Winner: Walnut Creek Beautification Award

We were commissioned by the Wood brothers to create a new architectural theme for Cooks Collision within a barrel vaulted existing structure.  The design goal was clear…reflect the upscale nature of the automotive architecture with a sophisticated use of aluminum composite panels, glass, and precise detailing…then add color.

The big challenge was to make this happen as a new skin on an existing building consisting of precast wall panels and a bowstring trussed roof structure.  Furthermore, the project budget limited the extent of demolition and replacement of any major building components.

Our solution was to retain the existing concrete wall panels, and extend them above the barrel vault with new lightweight framing to create the new contemporary box shell, to which we added the new ACM and glass skin.

To highlight and contrast with the strong horizontal lines of the new envelope, we introduced a system of tall panelized pylons to support the “tuck under” canopies.


As the project photos demonstrate, the ACM reveals and panel points, the colored mullions, and the aluminum signage all cooperate for a refined prototype concept, quite unusual for an autobody shop, but very fitting, since it is a neighbor to Porsche!

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