Brentwood Multifamily Community

Brentwood Multifamily Community

Location: Brentwood, CA

Size: 520 Units | 15 Acres

This four story project represents our response to our Client’s (3 property owners – each own 5 acres) challenge to achieve 35 DUA within a 50’ height limit, with surface parking.  Our 3-building solution achieves this goal, while also providing a bold, geometric site plan. A strong axis was created with peripheral parking, and an inviting sense of entry for visitors with direct access to the management office.

Two large courtyards with pools, spas, games, and BBQs are the focal features from each of three common areas. The three structures are separated allowing phased construction and also individual ownership of each building.

The parking philosophy was inspired by a desire to maximize accessibility to tenant apartments, maintain clear vehicular site circulation, and offer well
distributed covered spaces.

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